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Guarson Chemical Co., Ltd.

Guarson High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized chemical manufacturing company focusing on developing high-tech and environment-friendly materials. Main commercialized products under company’s production are: cationic photoinitiator series, hexafluorophosphate series, Oxetane erires reactive diluents , and pharmaceutical intermediates. Products are broadly used in ink/paints, adhesives and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

Guarson Chemical Co., Ltd. locates in Gaogang high-tech industrial park, Taizhou. where is 200miles away from Shanghai. Convenient transportation and robust management of the utilities, waste treatment in the industrial park support company's sustainable development.

As a R&D driven organization who has 5 skilled doctorial engineers and researchers with strong R & D capability, Guarson has its own complex as a pilot platform for development. On top of that, Guarson developed two R & D centers through close cooperation with research institutes/universities to further strengthen the innovation. Meantime, Guarson chem implemented high standard QC/QA equipments at the manufacturing base. The in process HPLC, GC,AAS etc analysis surely guarantee the process control and product quality.

Guarson welcome your interests, inquiries and look forward to our cooperation.

Our cultural policy:

Having equal competition and struggle, encouraging creativity and undertaking.

Pursuing life-long career, emphasizing that flourishing life comes from hardworking.
Appreciating individual ability, willpower, knowledge and determination, focusing

On team work.

?Focusing on rational analysis and job achievement, being aware of responsibilities for both the company and community
Upholding personal ability, willpower, wisdom and determination, emphasizing the spiritual of cooperation.

Our working policy are:

Honesty is the basic for survival, innovation is the source for power

Our working strategy:

Quality First, clients Paramount.

Our working style:

Supply on time, excellent service

Research ability

There are a lot of high educated engineers and technicians in the research centers, two of them are chemical masters, and two of them are chemical doctors.

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